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Welcome to Nirakar Natural Healing & Singing Bowls Center.
Adopting a different approach to the traditional Singing Bowls healing and meditation therapies, we offer a series of innovative and restorative Natural therapies.All our therapies are inspired and guided by the elements of life and Ancient traditions of Himalaya’s kingdoms combine with a Scientific and Medical Western approach.


Combining Ancient and Contemporary technics with expertise and scientific knowledge, our Highly trained Therapist, Teacher and Singing Bowls Master NIRAKAR base in France and Nepal, offer therapies specially designed to meet the needs of each individual or adapted group therapies.


We offer several ways to improve your mind, body and spirit from Singing Bowls therapeutic treatments, natural healing therapies & massages, active and chanting meditation and Spiritual & Geologic Himalayas treks. And for those who are interesting to learn more and be able to heal yourself or other, we provide different course and training.


Our Therapist and Teacher Nirakar is using only Nepali handcraft and best Nepali Quality Full Moon bowls, Silver bowls, Therapeutic and Antic Bowls.You will also find your own Singing Bowls in our Selling Singing Bowl Showroom in Paris, Pokhara, and Katmandu or directly from here online.Each therapy will begin with a private consultation in order to determine each individual’s personal and current state of well-being.


For all Therapies we offer you the combination of aroma and light therapy too, to optimize results and be fully relaxing and peaceful during your session.We’ve put together a series of special therapies programs designed to encourage you to have the most enriching and amazing experience possible and the best results.

«Our Therapies are classified by the French Healing European Ministry as COMPLEMENTARY MEDECINE»



Lay down, relax and closed eyes enjoying the sound and the Singing Bowl vibration on each 7 Chakras using the all set of 7 bowls to cover the entire body inside a vibration and sound bubble.

Chakras are the connection between the spiritual aspect of our being and the physical. When a physical dysfunction is in place, one or more chakras are considered to be unbalance.

Chakras are link and match with the seven Plexus Endocrinal Glands of our physical body.

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Welcome to a Unique and Innovative experience You will travel inside of you, all around you and across the elements for a cosmic travel following the space sound… Singing Bowls For Brain Entertainment is a Brand new technic for a very deep inside healing and relaxing process with special tone, sound and vibration, creating new […]

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Nirakar Natural Healing & Singing Bowls Center



Barahi Path, Lakeside – 06, Pokhara

Chairman & Director
Samir Haddouche +977 – 9808776523


8 Route du Roi, 78290 Croissy sur Seine (Paris)

Phone: (+33) – 06 10 63 84 25


Phone: (+001) – 646 288 35 74


+33 06 10 63 84 25,

8 Route du Roi, 78290 Croissy sur Seine (Paris)

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