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Each Singing Bowl has his own music note matching with the connected chakra. Singing Bowls Active & Chanting Meditation has also an unique method of conducting meditation.

Through sound and vibration given by the Singing Bowl and the sound given by yourself by chanting mantras on each chakra combine with the singing bowl vibration, the internal resonance of your body will match with the Global Earth Energy resonance call in a scientist name as « The Shuman Resonance » to be align with the universe, open your infinite consciousness and help you to live your life truly happy.

For all Therapies we offer you the combination of aroma and light therapy too, to optimize results and be fully relaxing and peaceful during your session.

Date Price Availability Status
2 Oct 2018 US$ 40 2 Pax

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Get your singing bowl customized

We will design each singing bowl according to your requirement with perfection