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Welcome to a Unique and Innovative experience

You will travel inside of you, all around you and across the elements for a cosmic travel following the space sound…

Singing Bowls For Brain Entertainment is a Brand new technic for a very deep inside healing and relaxing process with special tone, sound and vibration, creating new brain waves vibration helping to modify your own brain frequencies. Putting you in a different state of mind and perception you will be able to give chosen information to your Endocrinal system Glands for a fully well-being state or helping to fix deeply a physical or emotional issue.

Making higher or lower your brain activity, we will sent accurate information to your physical, emotional and energetic body, helping to meet your physical, emotional and energetic needs.

You will experiment an amazing and fully relaxing moment in your own self energy, sound and vibration bubble. Laying down, eyes closed and a multitude of sounds all around you and vibrations all inside you.

For all Therapies we offer you combination of aroma and light therapy too, to optimize results and be fully relaxing and peaceful during your session.

For Singing Bowls For Brain Entertainment therapy we use the following scientific data and tools:

Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma Brainwaves Frequencies (Hz)

Vibration Frequencies rate (Ub) measure.

Schumann’s Resonance Frequency

Binaural Beats

Date Price Availability Status
27 Nov 2018 US$ 70 3 pax
17 Oct 2018 US$ 70 2 pax
11 Oct 2018 US$ 70 3 pax

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