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We also provide therapies using elements coming from the ground like Minerals and Gems but also from the sky with meteorites with Lithotherapy, Aromatherapy, and Light therapy.

Lithotherapy is an energy healing technique, massage, meditation, past life regression, auric cleansing, restructuring and healing of the energy bodies and even plant care are all part of what Lithotherapy has to offer.

There are quite a few examples of crystals and minerals being used in healing therapies by many different cultures around the world and even the Bible is packed with crystals and gem references.

So far, we have found records noting crystal therapy from ancient Sumer and Egypt, in India’s Ayurvedic records and also in traditional Chinese medicine from around 5000 years ago, all describing the healing properties of crystals and minerals in American Shamanic work and they are also used by Sangomas in Africa.


We provide many ways in which crystals and other gems can be used during a treatment.


Crystals, Gem & Minerals Therapies:

• Laying on of stones during an energetic reconstruction of the aura and chakras with Singing Bowls sounds and vibrations we also provide combination with hands body massage.
• Healing sets or individual crystals or other gems carried on you for ongoing, daily assistance or during a time of need.
• Specific stones placed in your environment to enhance and clean out deeply your living and working space.
• Transmission and amplification of long distance healing.
Crystal and minerals enhance our already inherent potential, helping us to again tap into and explore our highest abilities. Different types of minerals and crystals all have different frequencies and shed light on different areas of our being. It is therefore good to know the properties of the crystal, gem or mineral you are using so as to aid and not hinder your progress.

Light Therapy

Our Natural Healing therapies include also Light therapy which consists to activate specifics hormones by using specifics colors of light during the therapy session.


Aromatherapy is almost the same process as the Light therapy consisting to create and activate naturally different hormones to increase wellness feeling and live better. We use for this therapy natural incense and natural essential oils with many fragrances choose for each individual state of well-being and for each therapy and Light Therapy.

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