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Singing bowls therapies

The Singing Bowls History begin there is more than 5000 years ago since the Bronze Age.

First Singing bowls were used as a domestic tool and centuries after centuries they became a spiritual tool used for prayers, meditation, for cultural and religious rituals and more recently for healing purposes.

Back in the days, many centuries ago, Tibetan were not able to work the metals as well as it was expected for spiritual and ritual Buddhist use. Tibetan used to cross the Himalaya to Katmandu Valley to transform their own metals by Nepalese metal workers. This is the reason why till today the very best Singing Bowls handmade come from Nepal.

Nepali Singing Bowls create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibrating frequency of diseased and out of harmony parts of the body, mind and soul.

Sound generated by the Singing Bowls is a kind of medicine energy that promote healing from stress disorders, pain, physical and muscular pain, depression and most of the disease.

Sound is vibration and vibration touch every part of our physical being. That sound is heard not only by our ears but through every cell in our bodies, the Singing bowl healing process even has an impact on our DNA.

This is a regenerative process married to a spiritual awakening that can have profound impact and positive consequences on all aspect of your life.

Singing Bowls stimulate our brain waves and create a pulsation of sound to entrain our brain and optimize all major Body Endocrinal Glands System (BEGS) to help healing the physical and spiritual body by given the right and adapted brain frequencies which will created a new hormonal flow to the associate gland stimulated.

Each Singing bowl has his own note, sound, vibration and frequency. 7 main Chakras, 7 endocrinal glands, 7 notes, 7 Singing Bowls.

Through our therapies we can help you to fix a physical body issue or emotional needs. With Singing Bowls therapies you can also enjoy a beautiful and amazing peaceful moment or even awake your Kundalini force. Your energetic body will shine to attract things you desire and helping to achieve your life goals in a peace and a joy way.

Your chakras will be all balancing and strong enough to protect yourself from low energies or low frequencies who make us sick and unhappy. Your balancing chakras will bring you into a life where everything will match with you physically and spiritually. Your vibration, your light will shine on you and others.

The attraction’s law will bring you the very best and the most beautiful energy. All is about balancing…

Welcome to the Natural Healing & Singing Bowls world.


Lay down, relax and closed eyes enjoying the sound and the Singing Bowl vibration on each 7 Chakras using the all set of 7 bowls to cover the entire body inside a vibration and sound bubble.

Chakras are the connection between the spiritual aspect of our being and the physical. When a physical dysfunction is in place, one or more chakras are considered to be unbalance.

Chakras are link and match with the seven Plexus Endocrinal Glands of our physical body.

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Welcome to a Unique and Innovative experience You will travel inside of you, all around you and across the elements for a cosmic travel following the space sound… Singing Bowls For Brain Entertainment is a Brand new technic for a very deep inside healing and relaxing process with special tone, sound and vibration, creating new […]

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For a special and luxury moment, you will enjoy a multitude of sounds and vibrations with 7 bowls all around your body and the 7 other singing bowls chakras healing in the same time to achieve the session by a singing bowls hot water massage. For all Therapies we offer you the combination of aroma […]

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Each Singing Bowl has his own music note matching with the connected chakra. Singing Bowls Active & Chanting Meditation has also an unique method of conducting meditation. Through sound and vibration given by the Singing Bowl and the sound given by yourself by chanting mantras on each chakra combine with the singing bowl vibration, the internal […]

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Oily Body massage with Warm Singing Bowls on body. You will love the warm sensation and sweet feelings on your skin, makes your muscles relax and bring you in a relaxation state after very few seconds. Singing Bowls Warm Oily Body massage will let you in relaxing and warm well-being state. For all Therapies we […]

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Get your singing bowl customized

We will design each singing bowl according to your requirement with perfection