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Spiritual & Energetic Himalayas Trek

“Everything is energy and energy is everything” as A. Einstein used to say, the Earth is our primal and direct energy flow.
The Himalayas are the result of the movement and friction of the Eurasian and Indian plates who makes these place the highest one on Earth the “top of the world” with Mount Everest 8848m altitude.
This is the location we want to explore through a spiritual and energetic geological trek on the top of the world. Feel the Natural Energy source directly from the heart of our planet.
According to the earth rotation and the one in our solar system around the sun, the earth is a living planet given different kind of energies like the magnetic field or energy coming directly from inside. Precisely the ground failures located on the Earth’s crust generated by the tectonic plates.

The trek will combine active mediation, Chakras balancing and singing bowls session all along the way on special high mountains place, increasing our perceptions and well-being state align with the Elements around us and following sun and moon cycle. From the Kali River to a beautiful blue lagoon lake 3200m altitude, beside the vibrations and sounds from a wonderful waterfall to end up make our Bowls singing in Hindu and Buddhist Temple.
Nirakar will bring you to fabulous places in Mustang and Annapurna mountains. The destination for our mustang trip will be Mukhtinat, one the most Sacred Temple for Hinduist and Buddhist at the very border of Tibet 80km and 4000 m altitude, a very mystic place where everything is possible…

All along the trek we going to follow the Himalayan ground failure and enjoy all the benefits from it like natural hot spring sources along a beautiful river at sunset, find the sacred stone “Saligram” at the sunrise in the sacred Kali River to end up in a very sacred Buddhist place where a never ended flame come out naturally from the ground and one of the most big Stone Buddha statue taking care of all of us up from the Himalayans’s mountains.
You will enjoy incredible, amazing and diversifies landscapes from a lunar landscape to a green heaven with famous Mustang apple field 3000m altitude, from mountains, rivers, forest everyday will be a new adventure . We going to meet and spend time with local people mostly Tibetan in Mustang. At night, you will see an ocean of stars, no lights pollution, clear high mountain sky, your nights will be unforgettable and make your dreams beautiful.
We offer you special and unique treks, we provide different kind of packages and duration:
Trek in all-inclusive packages from door to door with free time days to enjoy in Katmandu and Pokhara for the 14 days package.
We also have different itinerary packages for Mustang and Annapurna spiritual trek if you already are in Nepal, start from 2 to 6 days.
Spiritual & Energetic treks have been created by Nirakar & High Hike Trek Pokhara specialist of Nepal’s trek since many years.
To have more information on the itinerary, duration, dates and prices please visit the page bellow:

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