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Julia C

I came across Nirakar Singing Bowl Center when looking for an authentic Singing Bowl that complements my energy. Having been overwhelmed by the overly enthusiastic souvenir shop owner, i felt blessed to find this oasis in Pokhara. I took the 7 chakras balancing session with Nirakar. He was super kind to take my last min appointment even though it was almost the business closing time. ( my last day in Pokhara). The center is located on the top floor of a hotel, as soon as you stepped in the center, tranquil ambience filled in the air. They really put hearty effort to create a sacred place perfect for healing. The healing session was way beyond words. In essence healing is a personal journey that no one experience the same. I can only share with you what my journey was. It was a deeply peaceful dialogue between the vibrations and your body & mind. You found different part of your body reacted to different sounds & vibrations and together they brought you to a meditative state of mind. After the session, I could still feel the ripples of vibrations settling in my body. The after session feedback from master Nirakar was an unexpected bonus. His diagnosis/suggestion was directly to the points and very practical. I also got my first singing bowl there. I like the way they suggest to feel the singing Bowl and I am happy that one just so resonates to me. All in all, it was a blissful encounter. Usually I don’t write reviews ( too lazy) but I feel such wonderful thing should be shared so that more ppl can experience its beauty. Nemaste 🙂

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